Time And Death

by Nihil Invocation

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Demo 2016


released November 2, 2016

Deathwalker - Vocals, guitars, bass
Ankath- Drums



all rights reserved


Nihil Invocation


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Track Name: Plagued By The Grasp Of Time And Death
Plagued by the grasp of time and death
Through remnants of eternal vastness
Mortality, how I lust for you from afar

The beauty of all that is has been

A meaningless existence, journey to the halls of black

Left with a scenic solitude to rot amongst
Still so cold

Staring off into the moon's beam
I become nothing
Track Name: Into The Abyss I Walk
Awaking to this new dawn, sun-less horizons
From nothing, wickedness becomes creation

I stare into the distance, gazing into eternal fog
Embrace the illusion, or grimly walk the path alone?
The night sheds it's tears upon me
Let this astral light guide all to dust

Throughout the land, the calls echo and burn
I dissolve into the winds with every word
Spilling my black blood as an offering
To his cold and Archangelic throne

I journey throughout these dying lands
And into the abyss I walk
Track Name: Quest Upon The Path Of Stone
The rising full moon
Dripping it's black frost upon the valley's snow
The torchlight from the castles walls
Projecting upon the plains, battle grounds of the old

For years we quest upon this stone path of sorrow
Guided through our hunger
Hunger of death

A melancholic vision

Abandoning your thrones of Gods
That the rotten now inherit

Rotten, holy, and dead

To the godless walls within,
we march
To transcend the ancient fables
Drenched in the sins
Of their own creation
Track Name: Carving Death Beneath A Starless Sky
Withering trees, the darkness surrounds us
Blood marks this fight staining eternal shrine
Spirits conjuring, upon vast planes endless
Carving death beneath the starless sky on this night

Satan is power, and fucking might

Desecrated graves of the holy are knelt on
From sacred to sacrificial, the hellfires we rise

Breeding the wasteland for mortals to march towards
Writhing in our paradise beyond the realms of death
Deconsecration of all grounds we've roamed
Track Name: Beyond Closed Gates Of Mist
Transversing to the realms of light
Migration into the hollowed fields of time

Beneath the ruins we walk amongst
We slowly fade into the depths
Swallowed whole by the blackness we've longed for
Within emptiness, we become one

I am eternity, for what remains here becomes my lands
And desolate they lay, before the throne

Piercing the silence
With echoing screams
of non-existence

Beyond the closed gates of mist
Light in the visual horizon
The hooded demoness
shrouded by the snowfall
Track Name: Blood From The Portrait Of Reality
Blood drips from the portrait
Of reality
Slowly fading
A distant memory

Nails penetrating all we have left
Clawing to grasp the times
Of when we were

There is no light
Only the willingness to conquer
Shines through the weak

Writhing in this winter's cold
Desolate and bleak
Becoming dust in the immensity of time